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Planar photovoltaic stand

General plane photovoltaic stents installed mainly divided into three main parts, respectively is triangle beam stents, beams, and the vertical support, the use of the three, respectively, with the purpose of directly in lifting vertical is photovoltaic (pv) is the primary purpose of a stent and irradiation surface at an Angle.

Other installation parts include weight parts, diagonal bracing, pull rod, pressing block, hinge, bolt, fittings, etc

1. The bracket of triangular beam includes longitudinal and transverse two kinds of materials including (back-beam, oblique beam, low beam), and the selection of flat steel is the profile of the material

2. The beam bracket generally ACTS as an anti-pressure function, and generally USES the aluminum alloy C section to select the pore diameter according to the occasion of use.

3. The vertical bracket can be the back beam of the triangular beam frame and can also be designed.

4. Other connecting structures are mainly used to help the stent to be fixed.

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